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Battle Royale

Battle Royale

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This T-shirt design was inspired by 'Battle Royale' scenes commonly seen in Traditional Japanese Wabori and American Traditional tattooing. Often, it depicts 2 to 3 animals (typically an Eagle, snake and dragon) in 'mortal combat'. The bird of prey represents the West as well as the sun, sky and heavens. A serpent-like creature represents the East, Earth and it's waters. The battle of these animals show the opposing forces of nature, forever struggling against one another but never exeding eachother, creating an infinite ying and yang. Moreover, a representation of creation and fertility and the endeavor of keeping everything in life balanced.


Instead of dragons and eagles, I've opted for my sad flower serpent and angry rainbow cloud. Their intertwining, in my mind, show the mellow sadness and explosive rage that come along with a number of mental illnesses that often feel eternal.

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